Influencing the C-Suite

Nothing will frustrate a CEO more than when managers and professional "don't get it". The fact that their C-Suite behavior may be part of the problem matters little. Learn how to speak their language, relate to their perspective and show them that you are C-suite material yourself!

Effective Communication

Learn how to communicate in a manner that gets your point across with impact, achieves the desired outcome and leaves a strong executive impression with your team, peers, bosses and clients.

Conflict Management*

Conflict is inevitable. The higher up you go the more you will interact with people who have different priorities, personalities and perspective. Learn how to assert yourself to get what you need to succeed while getting along well with your counterparts.


Cooperation and Collaboration in a Global Company

In the networked, flat organization you cannot rely on established hierarchies to move projects forward. You must understand the dynamics of different cultures, remote teams, and unexpected interdependencies. If you do you will be miles ahead in getting done what matters to you, the team and the organization as a whole.

Successful Client Management*

Expertise and even brilliance is not enough to keep your clients close. Learn how to win your client's confidence, navigate the inevitable crisis and make your best contribution to their success.

Negotiation Skills*

Professional service providers and executives negotiate constantly: the big sales agreement, mergers & acquisitions, compensation plans, budgets, and multi-stakeholder arrangements. Supplement your experience with the latest in best practice and take a lead role in making negotiation skills an organizational capability.

Principles of Leadership

You don't need a big title to be a leader - lead from where you are. Learn how to accept responsibility for results, provide direction, develop your team and lead lasting change.


Strategic Thinking

Especially if your feet are firmly planted in the here and now strategic thinking can be an elusive concept. But don't leave it to the CEO and his or her corporate planners. Learn how to develop your own expert opinion, contribution for the future and alignment with corporate strategy all while getting your day job done.

Relationships and Teamwork

Whether you are a member of a board, executive committee or mid-level team there is no shortage of dysfunction when it comes to "teams". Building a cohesive unit takes hard work and a willingness to face the brutal facts but will be well worth the rewards.

Executive Sales Leadership

Your engaging personality, relentless drive and "love of the game" have laid the foundation for a successful career in sales. But your sales competence alone - however strong - is not enough to take your performance to the next level. In order to become a truly successful sales leader you must develop into a valued partner for your customers, a confident manager of your team and a business leader who thinks, acts and projects like an executive.


*Accredited for CPD/professionalism hours by the Law Society of Upper Canada