Teamwork, Collaboration and Conflict Management in a Global Company

Establish purpose, align expectations, and take charge to move the team forward.

Teamwork is not about team-building, it is about performance. Especially in larger organizations, leaders cannot just rely on job descriptions, org charts and hierarchies to move initiatives forward. In order to be effective, we must understand people’s motivations, cultural differences, areas of conflict, and unexpected interdependencies. In other words, we must be comfortable with tension and know how to get along with all kinds of personalities and people with conflicting priorities. This session will also focus on effectively navigating the global matrix organization and deal with the added pressure of managing during a crisis. Learn how to establish purpose, align expectations, and if necessary, take charge to move the team forward.


Teamwork and Collaboration in Global Organizations

"Dirk's workshop brought together in-house legal counsel and sales leaders from the Americas, Europe, and Asia/Pacific. Our session brought key issues into focus, helped strengthen relationships, and resulted in a concrete action plan for enabling growth while managing risk. Time well spent!"


Vice-President and General Counsel, Husky Injection Molding Systems, Ltd.

Leadership Coach

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