Jenoir Client Spotlight: "Teach-in" at Healthcare Private Equity Association (HCPEA)

Author: Jenoir International |

The dynamic of an active board and a strong-willed CEO leads to difficult conversations, especially when dealing with type “A” personalities, such as founders and hard driving professional executives. In a private equity ownership context, conflict can develop in almost any area ranging from strategy, to leadership and finance. When left unchecked, these situations can get in the way of growth and value creation. In the worst case, a collision between strong characters may end up in a costly parting of ways and the ensuing loss of opportunity.

This inaugural HCPEA “teach in” in New York City brought together senior board members and CEOs from HCPEA member organizations. The interactive session explored what happens when strong-willed people with competing agendas engage in debate in the boardroom. It looked at how high performing boards, executives, and external advisors will do more than just make it through times of conflict. Far from being “pushovers,” they will nonetheless act constructively to embrace differences, and even crises, as times where relationships are not only tested but strengthened and often truly built. The session discussed real life scenarios, reviewed best practice, and brought to bear the experience of a diverse group of people in the room.